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10 Advantages of Being a Content Creator & Influencer
I have been blogging for over 5 years and I love this activity. I want to motivate as many people as possible to blog as I often see so much potential in people that can lead them to great success and the life they can only dream of. Therefore, I share my experience and knowledge with you and hope to inspire you!

In this blog post, I will share with you 10 advantages of being a content creator, blogger, and influencer.
So, here are the main 10 advantages of being a blogger, influencer, and content creator, in my opinion:
You can monetize your life

To be honest, I often look at some people and think about how cool it would be if they blogged! After all, so many of us have something to share, something to tell, something to show. After all, you can just take your life and hobby and instead of doing it at home in the evenings - you can just share it with others and get paid for it and also build a community. Of course, not everyone needs this. But if you want to blog, I advise you:

  • Take a large piece of paper
  • Write everything you know how to do
  • Write all the topics that interest you
  • Pick your 3 favorites
  • Pick the one that interests you the most in life
  • You can combine these topics in a blog

For me, it is the interior, slow life, and content creation. And I combine it all with my worldview, values, experience, and minimal aesthetic.

JUST Live your life and get paid for it

Of course, it all depends on your blog. There are blogging niches that require a huge amount of knowledge, time, and information research. But if lifestyle blogs (which also take time, of course), at the same time you can just show your daily life and invite people. With these types of blogs, you don't need to be an expert in any particular topic or niche, you just need to be a charismatic person that people like.


Blogging and content creation opens up huge opportunities in terms of self-realization as an expert and as a person. When I look at my old photos and videos, I always thank myself in the past for not being lazy about documenting my life. It causes very cool emotions when I find some old shots from my life that I would have forgotten a long time ago if I hadn’t captured them. It helps me to realize how much I change over time and improve.

Work when and where you want

Working as an influencer involves working from anywhere in the world. You are not tied to a country, a city, an office, or a time. You can live anywhere. You can also set the time when you want to work. I am very productive in the evenings and I love working late and I love to relax in the morning without rushing anywhere. You can also work much less than a standard office job while earning much more.

build a community

One of the main advantages of being a content creator and influencer is a community. Even if you don't want to make a profession out of blogging, it seems to me that doing social work is. Everyone needs networks, at least because they provide a great opportunity to find like-minded people who will support and motivate you.

Be your own boss

This point is also very weighty for most people who are interested in the profession of content creation, influencer, and blogging. Of course, if people love stability and work from 9 to 5. But, not everyone is suitable to work for someone. I always have a lot of ideas for self-realization and therefore blogging and freelancing are ideal for me. Although I am sacrificing certain stability and this comes with responsibility in terms of providing for myself financially. But for me, it's worth it!

Work with brands you love

As an influencer and content creator, you can offer brands to partner with you on a paid basis. Even when I just started my blogging journey with 5,000 subscribers, different brands have already sent me gifts. For brands, working with influencers is insanely rewarding - not only are you creating inspiring user-generated content, but you're also sharing brand ads with your audience.

Get paid for staying in hotels

With hotels, everything works the same way as with advertising products on the blog. As a blogger - you have an audience, you have the skills to create inspiring content - this is our value and service that costs money. Hotels love to partner with bloggers as they will get both a new audience that will know about their place and content that they can commercialize on the website or social media.

Do something you enjoy

I love creating interesting content, building communities, working from home, and collaborating with brands that resonate with me on values ​​and aesthetics. For me, being a content creator and blogger is a dream job. Although I understand that this is not for everyone. A natural love for this business, an understanding of goals, and, of course, self-discipline are very important here.

Combine blog with your expertise

Often people don't blog because they think it's only for people who love fashion, interiors, or beauty. This is not true! You can connect social media and a blog about absolutely anything. Moreover, if your type of activity is a niche, this is even better, because it will be easier for you to attract the right target audience, which will be involved. It will also help you sell your services more easily.

I hope you enjoy this blog post about the benefits of being a content creator and influencer. If you read that post, then you are already thinking about your blogging career.

I want to wish you to be confident in your abilities and remember that the most important thing is to be yourself and be constant.

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