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How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Feed | Influencer Tips
I have been blogging for many years and I am constantly creating visuals both for myself and for other brands. So I decided to share with you some tips for creating an aesthetic Instagram feed.
Why do you need a beatiful Instagram feed?
You don't need it! But, a beautiful and meaningful feed can help you to share your vision with the right audience, create a community and increase credibility. An aesthetic Instagram feed also helps brands and businesses to sell their products by creating an emotional connection with potential customers and by translating the right values.
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One of the most important points in social media and especially on Instagram is to remember what your account is about, what meanings you carry, and what information you want to convey to existing and potential audiences.

Answer these questions ahead of time and ask friends or independents what your page first comes to mind and what they can say about it. Then compare whether what she said matches the meanings you want to convey.

What feelings and moods do you want to evoke with your content?
Let’s be real — when it comes down to it, people want to feel something when they look at your creations. They want to be able to understand, relate or vibe with your content. Plus, if they can do that, they will feel more connected to you too, and most likely hit that follow button.
Not only that though, establishing an overall vibe can help keep your photos consistent. It can also offer insight to possible followers as to who you are and what they can expect from you in the future.
Write down a couple of adjectives that describe what vibe you want for your content.

Some example adjectives are neutral-toned, colorful, helpful, friendly, trustworthy, positive, bright, artistic, etc.

Neutral-toned, friendly, light, minimalistic, kind, artistic, and warm.


It is important to take into account the color palette of the feed. Each color has certain meanings and associations.

Using the right colors, you can either emphasize the values of the brand or carry the wrong and inappropriate associations. The right colors can also attract the right target audience and customers.

Pay attention to the colors in your photos. The colors you choose for your content are part of your brand, aesthetic, and style. Knowing in advance which colors are associated with you and your style will ensure that your overall aesthetic is consistent.

Select basic shades for your profile - white, grey, black. And strike a balance between accent and primary colors. Contrasting, saturated colors always look unusual, catch the eye, and are remembered. But in order not to make the tape overloaded - they must be used correctly.

There are several basic combinations of harmonious colors: consistent, monochrome, triangular, tint complementary. The harmony of the ribbon can be created by combining colors.

Below are examples of authors who combine colors very well in their feeds.


First of all, aesthetics is about harmony. A harmonious ribbon is a very uniform style. But, if earlier a single style was perceived by many people as processing photos with some presets and filters, now, photographs should be different, but linked and look as a whole. The point of a harmonious profile picture is not to turn it into one big photo, but to tie a chain and create a story of events.

To achieve the aesthetics of the feed - you need to add air and space to the whole picture. This can be achieved in different ways:

  • Adding a photo with minimal background, without details
  • Adding templates, graphics, and designs with information
  • Low contrast photos minimum number of details in photos

Exceptional uniqueness is not easy to achieve. Therefore, I am not saying that you need to invent something that simply does not exist and has never existed. But, you need to identify blog topics and broadcast them visually. Uniqueness can be not only in the idea but also in the visual.


Graphics and templates are the perfect solutions for adding more content variety to your feed. Also, due to the text in the templates, you can easily show your services and expertise to the target audience.

The versatility of photos makes it easy to create harmony in the feed.

When you are going to upload a photo, look at the last one and try not to repeat the plan.

For example, the last photo is a selfie, which means that the next photo can be taken in a general plan - architecture, landscape.


To see how the profile will look, there are scheduler applications.

Concept Office, Unum, Snug, Feed Preview, and more.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post with my tips and advice on how to create a beautiful and meaningful Instagram feed.

See you next time,


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