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Rotterdam City Guide | Things to Do for Design Lovers

I am a big fan of Dutch design. I have been to Rotterdam several times and I always enjoyed it. The city has a lot to offer for people who like design, so let's take a look at some of my favorite places!


Rotterdam guide for design lovers

Hotel Ame

Hotel âme is designed with a passion for the conscious and modern traveler. Housed in a monumental building from 1867 with a beautiful architectural soul, this hotel has been carefully renovated to preserve its classic yet contemporary style.

A visit to Hotel âme is like experiencing Rotterdam through the eyes of an expert. The hotel’s owners have curated each detail of their property in order to create an authentic experience for guests who are looking for something more than just a place to sleep.

We visited this hotel during our stay in Rotterdam and it was great! We loved the cafe on the ground floor, where we enjoyed some delicious coffee and snacks as we planned out our day. We also enjoyed relaxing in one of the many cozy nooks throughout the hotel, surrounded by gorgeous art pieces and furnishings that will make you feel like you have stepped into another world.

Wabi sabi, kitchen interior design, iterior design, soft minimalism
Images by Arina Voy

Hotel Supernova

Welcome to Hotel Supernova. If you're looking for a boutique hotel in Rotterdam with an authentic interior style, we've got you covered. We offer a restaurant, a bar, and a garden.

Cafes & Restaurants
Rotterdam guide for design lovers.

Kula Cafe

Kula is a cafe that is serving nourishing & comforting food, as well as drinks. The driving force of the Kula kitchen is to offer a wide variety of fresh products, including drinks. At Kula, you can also find space for creative sessions and social gatherings, and also like to host you and your company in our all-day cafe or studio.
Photography from Restau Plant website.

De Jong Restaurant

A dining experience like no other. Chef and owner Jim de Jong work with the best that nature offers. Vegetables, flowers, and herbs from the kitchen garden play a leading role in his dishes. You can choose from two daily menus: one with meat and fish or one with only vegetables. The restaurant is located in de Hofbogen, a former railway viaduct.
Photography from Unfolded website

Rotterdam guide for design lovers.

Pantoufle Store

Creating warm & inviting homes and bringing goods that elevate every day and offering a collection of furniture that lasts a lifetime.
Wabi sabi, kitchen interior design, iterior design, soft minimalism
Photography from Pantoufle website

Soleil Store

Soleil team is traveling the world, and being inspired by people and culture - carefully curating their collections by gathering unique pieces that have their own soul and character.
Photography from Soleil Instagram

Unfolded Studio & Store

Unfolded is a creative studio by food-obsessed Dutch photographer Sophia van den Hoek.
Wabi sabi, kitchen interior design, iterior design, soft minimalism
Photography from In De Buurt website

Rotterdam guide for design lovers.

Galerie Jarno Koojiman

Galerie Jarno Kooijman was founded in 2010 as a ‘Contemporary showroom’, eight years later it was time to continue our path with a personal vision under the name ‘Galerie Jarno Kooijman’.

Galerie Jarno Kooijman is specialized in 20th Century Design & Art. Our focus lies on ‘special distinctive’ authentic pieces, always exclusive, extravagant, and aesthetical.
Wabi sabi, kitchen interior design, iterior design, soft minimalism
Photography from Numero Mag website

Hope you enjoyed this Rotterdam guide! You can find more travel inspiration and city guides in my travel category.

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