Discover the art of slow living | Basic principles for modern creators
Modern people used to experience the FOMO feeling. FOMO is an obsessive fear of missing some event or a good opportunity, provoked, among other things, by viewing social networks. That feeling hurts people's mental health, provoking a bad mood and, in some cases, depression.

It is impossible to be in time for everything. It is impossible to read all books and watch all films, meet all people or attend all parties.
Every day, people live at a fast pace, run somewhere, and try to do more than they need for a comfortable life. It makes life chaotic.

I was always admired people with inner calmness and control. Starting to lead a slow life and immerse themselves in the philosophy of slow-living, people begin to enjoy life.
Slowing down, into a modern society obsessed with speed and productivity - makes a lot of sense.

Because of the slow-living movement, more and more people are realizing that more is not better. That a conscious, attentive and deep life is more important than a fast one. That slowness is more valuable and more difficult than speed.
Slow-living was always close to me. The goal of philosophy is to find the right speed for every task, enjoy every minute and find peace and harmony in everyday life. This encourages you to stop rushing and live every day consciously, paying attention to quality, not quantity, in any area of ​​life - from food to work.

Living in a hurry takes up our time. In return, we get physical and psychological problems. Slowing down, on the other hand, helps make life richer and oddly productive.
How to slow down your life?
Do not try to do everything at once. Prioritize your daily tasks, starting with the most important ones, and consider if you can give up any responsibilities altogether. That applies not only to the to-do list but also to relationships and your own emotions.

Limit incoming information. We constantly consume it from different sources, and it does not always contain what we need. Most often, this is information noise. Television, the internet, social media, advertising, music, and the inner voice is already becoming difficult to calm down.
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Images by Arina Voy.
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