Finds | 10 minimal design kitchen tools and tableware

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  1. Beige linen tablecloth by Ocactuu

~50 €

100% linen tablecloth, waterproof fabric with clean and sophisticated design. This fabric was carefully chosen to reduce environmental impact. Made by my lovely Portuguese brand Ocactuu with clean minimalistic tableware products and the same aesthetics. Definitely recommend checking them out.

2. Teapot from Stelton 

~100 €

I bought this teapot for my girlfriend Anastasia. It is the best product for a modern tea ceremony! The teapot is designed by Francis Cayouette and combines two cultures in the best way: the simple design in stoneware feels very Scandinavian while the lid and handle in bamboo give it an Asian touch.

3. Ceramic spice grinders by Menu

~130 €

Bottle spice grinders 2-pack from danish brand Menu made of ceramic. Behind the design is Norm Architects, which has given the mills a user-friendly and playful shape. The ceramic grinder is very powerful and efficient and can handle most types of spices, even seeds and dried fruit.

4. The soap bar by Kinfill

~20 €

Beautiful, clean, curved design this creamy, jojoba oil-based soap cleanses and nourishes at the same time. Boosted with calming, herbal notes of lavender, anise, and mint, the soap bar leaves a refreshing and pleasant scent.

5. Cutting board by Muubs

~30 € (Discount)

Cutting board Louie M is made of teak root. The teak board has a natural shape and gives a unique and authentic expression. I love when cutting boards are also used as decor or serving boards.

6. Flow mug by Ferm Living

~20 €

Flow is a series of perfectly imperfect tableware made to modern sensibilities using traditional craftsmanship techniques. All the items are glazed to achieve a unique expression. Defined by its elongated handle, this generously sized cup is perfect for the first coffee of the day.

7. Multi-surface cleanser by Kinfill

~30 €

For this exclusive collaboration, Kinfill has merged Multi-Surface Cleaner with the house fragrance of Antwerp-based concept store Graanmarkt 13. ‘I am one of the deep secrets of nature’ – a scent that is reminiscent of spring fields and herbal gardens.

8. Kulti mortar by House Doctor

~70 € (Discount)

Decorate the kitchen counter with Kulti mortar with shock from House Doctor and use it as an excellent kitchen tool to create your perfect mix of spices. The sculptural shape of the mortar gives a slightly raw look which, together with the robust and decorative material, becomes a stylish and elegant detail in your kitchen.

9. Oxymel Immune by Kruut

~12 €

Oxymel is a daily, delicious immune booster. Raw acacia honey and naturally cloudy Demeter apple vinegar preserve the power of the wild herbs contained. Oxymel provides you with the vitamin C of the local rosehip.

10. Ernst potholder cotton by Ernst

~10 €

Ernst potholder is a rustic potholder in 100% cotton designed by Ernst Kirchsteiger. The pot holder helps you to handle hot pots or oven tins and can also be used as a base when serving. With the pot holder's practical loop, you can easily hang it in your kitchen. 
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