Summer trip to Gotland | Sweden's most beautiful island
I heard a lot about the island of Gotland after I moved to Sweden. This is a very popular summer holiday destination for Swedes. Many residents of Stockholm have real estate on the island of Gotland, where they traditionally travel with the whole family for the whole summer.

We went to Gotland for just 2 days with the Cura of Sweden brand team to shoot a summer campaign. We managed to visit most of the most beautiful natural places.
Here is their list of the most beautiful Gotland places:

Visby City
Visby is known for the city wall, the Cathedral and many church ruins. In 1995 the old city of Visby was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Fabriken Furillen
It is a peninsula of 583 hectares with a wild and untamed landscape. It is a great place to experience this contrasting nature, that looks like another planet.

Blue Lagoon
It is a fantastic light blue lake with a sand beach.

Tofta Strand
Sandy beach on western Gotland. Tofta is one of Gotland's most popular beaches. Here are restaurants, camping, cottages, a pool and a beach.
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Images by Arina Voy.
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