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How To Elevate Your Home With Handmade Ceramics

Adding handmade ceramics is a great way to elevate your home. From coffee mugs and serving bowls to kitchen accessories and dish sets, handmade ceramics offer an easy way to decorate the places where you spend time regularly.

Whether adding an additional touch of color to an otherwise neutral room or creating an accent piece for a focal wall, handmade ceramics are a great way to elevate your home and truly make it your own.
Here's how to take advantage of this trend in your own home:
Use ceramics as decorative accents
Handmade ceramics can add a unique and personal touch to your home decor. Consider using ceramics as decorative accents, such as vases, planters, or candle holders.
Images by Arina Voy
Display ceramics as artwork
The best way to elevate your home with handmade ceramics is to display the pieces you love. Whether it's a ceramic sculpture on a pedestal, a beautiful fruit bowl on a coffee table, or a ceramic vase on a shelf, this unique stand elevates ceramics as art and makes for a conversation-starting conversation piece that blends well with an eclectic collection of home décor items. Crafted from recycled materials, it's the perfect way to showcase your favorite dishware, mugs in the kitchen, or ceramic sculpture!
Images by Arina Voy
Incorporate ceramics to your table
Incorporate ceramics into your tabletop decor by using a variety of shapes and sizes as serving pieces or part of your table setting to add visual interest and novelty. Consider using ceramic plates or bowls for serving food or using ceramic mugs for drinks.

Whether you’re looking to add visual interest to your table or simply beautify your home, handcrafted ceramics are a great choice. Use them as serving pieces or incorporate them into your table setting as ceramic plates or bowls. Handmade ceramics also make wonderful gifts, so consider adding them to your holiday shopping list—you can be sure that recipients will love them.
Images by Arina Voy
Use ceramics in your garden or outdoor spaces
Ceramics are a stylish and classic addition to any home. They can be used indoors or outdoors and virtually anywhere in your home. From your kitchen to your bathroom, backyard to the living room, and patio to your garden, there's no limit to the ways you can use handmade ceramics to elevate your space.

So if you have a balcony or you want to decorate your house entrance - consider using ceramics as planters or decorative elements. A unique pot can be the perfect addition to your entryway to welcome guests and make a statement. If your space doesn't allow for the use of planters, add a vase filled with flowers or fruit to fill a corner of the room, or arrange candles and flowers on a fireplace mantle or kitchen table.
Images by Arina Voy
Whether you want to make DIY ceramics for your home or set up a small business, the act of crafting handmade ceramics can be spiritual - it can bring calm to your life and maybe even become something you do every day.

Ceramics is not a difficult craft to learn. But you will be surprised by how rewarding this experience is, not only in terms of your creative growth but also by the emotional benefits that come from knowing you have created something beautiful and useful.
I recently got a gift card from my girlfriend to a ceramic studio in Stockholm. I have made a ceramic sculpture, mug a plate myself. When you create ceramics, you come face to face with the physicality of the medium - which is really meditative process.
Images by Arina Voy
Overall, the key to elevating your home with handmade ceramics is to use them in a way that reflects your style and adds a unique and personal touch to your space.

I hope that you enjoyed this list of ideas that can help you to elevate your life and your home during the cold winter days.

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