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How To Elevate Your Life During The Cold Winter
If you don't live in a southern country - you will understand me. Winter can be depressing because of the coldness and darkness. As for the content creator, that loves natural light, it is an especially disappointing time for me in terms of creating inspiring content.

But despite of that, winter is a great time to elevate life, slow down, decorate your home and focus on reflection and future plans.
In this blog post, I shared ideas that can help you to make a cold season more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Make your home feel cozy
During the winter time - it is especially important to feel warm and cozy at home. That's why it is a perfect time to add more comfort to your space, by finding new warming furniture, rugs, and interesting art pieces.

Warm up your home with the perfect winter decor. It doesn’t take much to make the house cozy and welcoming. Throw some warmth into your space with cozy lamps, pillows, soft blankets, candles, and aromatherapy scents!
  • Add decor to your home
The Christmas season is the perfect time to add some holiday spirit to your home. Whether you're looking for ways to get into the holiday spirit or want to elevate your space with festive décor, then look no further. I recently shared a blog post about Christmas decoration ideas where I shared ideas and inspiration on how to create a cozy winter mood in your space!
  • Develop better self-care habits
Winter is a perfect time to build new habits or start new everyday rituals. For example - drink healthy tea every morning instead of coffee. I personally drink hot green tea with lemon. I recently started to us take the stairs instead of the elevator and find it a great and easy habit. One more great habit is to start a daily practice of writing in your journal. Also important to take vitamins and supplements, especially vitamin D.
  • Elevate your home office
For me, personally, winter is not the most productive period because of the sun's lack. So it is a specially important time to give the home office a makeover. The right decor can brighten up the atmosphere and make you feel warm, cozy, and inspired.

I find neutral colors, like beige, white, and gray as the perfect choice for the home office. They give off an airy, clean feeling that will help keep you focused during those long hours at work. Another great idea is to get a good lamp for our table.
  • Spend more time outside
I am a person that really needs to push myself to go out. And winter is a great time to spend more time outside, especially when the weather is snowy. I am living in Stockholm, and there are so many beautiful places here - different cliffs, islands, and forests.

Winter is a perfect time to spend more time outside. The cold air and wind can dry out your skin, so don't forget to use a good moisturizer or face mask.
  • Read books and watch movies
So, if you prefer to stay inside during the wintertime (I totally get you - it is so cozy!), - then why not elevate your life by reading a book or watching a movie? There's nothing more enjoyable than getting lost in a good book or movie while drinking hot tea or cocoa.
Images by Arina Voy
  • Cook something new
You can never go wrong with something sweet, especially during the holiday season. Bring coziness into your home by cooking something new with a Christmas theme. Whether it’s pumpkin pie or chocolate cookies, everyone is sure to fall in love with your creation!
  • Meditate
Meditation is a great way to elevate your life in general, but also during winter. Meditation is a great way to relax, reduce stress, and practice gratitude. During the winter months, the coldness and darkness increase our sense of isolation and loneliness, plus we're likely to eat more comfort food. But meditation and yoga can help to increase blood circulation and happiness levels.
  • Face massage
Face massage with oils is a super-relaxing winter habit that can elevate your evenings. You just need a couple of minutes of warm relaxation before bed or when you're in need of de-stressing. Try incorporating aromatherapy, candles, or some calming music while you massage your face!
  • Exercise during the day
Take care of your health during the winter time is so important. I resonally move much less during the winter, comparing to spring or summer. So I like to warm up with some exercise after getting up earlier. This give me an energy boost for the rest of the day. I think it is a great way to enjoy the winter months more by finding the right way for exercising. It can be any kind of sport, yoga or dances!
  • Make plans for the next year
It is a good month to create plans for your future. December is the best month to reflex on your life, analyze the year and make plans for the next year. There are so many possibilities in the modern world, so I am sure, that almost all of your dreams can come true - you just need a good plan.


These books are a great start if you're looking for an introduction to slow living. They provide great examples of how to achieve a more relaxed and slow approach to your life. These books also explore the different ways that you can incorporate slow living principles into your home, from choosing eco-friendly furniture and lighting options to using natural materials in your decorating choices.
I hope that you enjoyed this list of ideas that can help you to elevate your life and your home during the cold winter days.

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