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9 Simple Decor Ideas for Minimalistic Kitchen Styling

In our relationship with my girlfriend, I am responsible for cleaning and styling the kitchen and she is cooking the food. I always try to keep the kitchen as simple, clean, and minimal as possible. Here is a list of my styling tips, hope you will find it useful!
Images by Arina Voy
When you’re in the mood to cozy up, here are 10 tips that will help you:
Cutting boards
Cutting boards are a great way to elevate any kitchen and a minimalistic Scandinavian touch. Made from solid wood with a smooth and natural finish, these cutting boards come in 6 different textures to add personality to your kitchen decor.

A wooden cutting board can be used in a variety of ways, from the dinner table to helping you create an inviting aesthetic around your kitchen. With their unique wood grain, many of these products are attractive enough to be displayed as artwork.

Elevate your kitchen with handmade ceramics, that are trending right now. Handmade ceramics are great for storing, serving, and decorating any table. They all have unique, not perfect shapes, which resonates with the wabi-sabi philosophy that looking for beauty in imperfection. From traditional hand-painted pieces to contemporary minimalist designs, handmade ceramics are great to elevate any kitchen or dining area.

Vases with flowers

Flowers are great for elevating any kitchen and adding life to your home. You can set them up as a center piece on your table, or place them in the kitchen cooking area to give your kitchen a fresh scent. It is also the perfect way to make your kitchen feel cozy and lift kitchen decor.


Posters and wall art are the perfect way to add a bit of personality to your kitchen. The poster with simple, elegant, or abstract art will perfectly suit any Scandinavian-inspired home.


A beautiful soap dispenser is functional and works as a great kitchen decor. You can find many types of soap dispensers online, or even use a repurposed one to help elevate your kitchen. I bought my beige ceramic soap dispenser in HM Home.

cleaning appliances

A touch of natural wood can be just the thing for your kitchen. Use these wooden cleaning appliances and brushes in a clever way to make them part of the decor. Wooden cleaning appliances are truly decorative and functional. It makes your kitchen look clean, tidy and makes your life easier.

Fruit bowls

A fruit bowl is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It's also a great way to show off your favorite fruits, which can help you eat healthier too. Here are some of my favorite bowl finds from Amazon - check out the list below.


In my opinion, candles are the best decor for any kitchen. I have spent a lot of time in kitchens and if every home made it a priority to make their kitchen look beautiful they would do it with candles.

Candles can turn your kitchen into a sanctuary, instantly. just light the candle and enjoy it while working in the kitchen or eating a meal. The candle jars and scents will help you relax and make your cooking experience even more enjoyable.

tea or matcha ceremony sets

This is my favorite beige tea kettle by the Stelton brand. I am very happy with how beautiful it looks in my kitchen and how well it works. It's also a lot safer than metal ones, which can be dangerous if they get too hot while boiling water or are quickly cooled to store cold water in them.

If you're a big fan of tea ceremonies like me - I highly recommend getting a tea kettle and enjoying tea more often.

Image is by Arina Voy
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