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10 Things That Will Make Your Apartment Cozy

Are you looking for ways to cozy up your home? Let this blog post help you add a little extra comfort to your space, and give you new inspiring ideas. I think we all can easily create relaxing, calm, and cozy feelings by making small changes.

I am trying to make this autumn and winter a little bit more cozy by adding some small things that can create a sense of coziness and warmth. I hope you will like these ideas!
When you’re in the mood to cozy up, here are 10 tips that will help you:
A monochrome color scheme is a simple way to calm down your space. With this color palette, you can create a relaxing environment, get rid of visual clutter, and enhance your productivity, encourages you to slow down, be comfortable, and connect with the things that matter most.

I think that neutral colors will make any interior look spacious, warm, calming, and inviting. For me, neutral and earth-toned colors, such as beige, cream, chocolate brown, caramel, fawn, or charcoal are the coziest. I also associate neutral colors with nature, which has a healing and calming effect.
But if you like more saturated tones you can use anything from the warm hue, such as red, orange, brown, and gold.

Your palette of warm colors can be inspired by the spices commonly used in Moroccan cuisines, like cumin, cinnamon, and paprika. Usually, it works well with contrasting colors that are cooler in tone, such as white or gray.

Having a clean home is significantly important for a cozy feeling. If you have messy rooms, and messy shelves all over the apartment, it’s hard to relax and feel like your place is cozy.

Cleaning up can be hard if you have tons of stuff around and lack time to organize it all in a proper way. But the most important is not to give up! You can read my previous blog post about the 10 advantages of a minimalistic lifestyle that may inspire you!

Here are a few steps that will help you to get started:

  • Clean up your surfaces
  • Get rid of items that don't add value to your home
  • Keep only things that do have a purpose
  • Keep windows clean to make it feel relaxed

Candles are one of the easiest ways to add coziness to any home. Whether it's the scent or glow, candles have the power to instantly change a room's ambiance - and make for an inviting focal point.

Never underestimate the romance that comes with lighting a candle and drinking a calming tea in the evening. The warm glow from candles creates the ambiance you want for lounging on the couch while you watch TV or relaxing with a book or a magazine after work.

Set the table

When you’re having people over, set the table with a minimalistic Nordic style. Use a tablecloth from linen or cotton for a more natural look. A matching napkin adds another layer of color and texture to your table. You can also use candles as a beautiful centerpiece at a dinner. Candles always add warmth to any table setting. Add a beautiful collection of tableware and ceramics.

I have my beige tableware collection from Zara and I love it. It's durable, affordable, has a beautiful design, and fits nicely with my minimal home decor. If you are looking for well-made tableware, with modern designs, this line is worth a look.


Add a warm, inviting fragrance to your home with the power of aromatherapy. This scent diffuser will eliminate stale odors and make your home smell just like you want it to.

I think any scents, whether aromatherapy or scented candles or home sprays - can help make your space feel warm and inviting. During the cold winter or autumn months, it is especially important. My favorite scents are lavender, orange, fir, pine, mint, and vanilla.


Adding more texture is a quick way to create a resonating sense of coziness in your apartment space. The texture is one of the most important elements in interior design.

Wherever possible, avoid a smooth finish, and use the natural variations in materials to create different moods and atmospheres in your rooms. For example, the texture of the walls helps add more depth to the space, while also giving off a more cozy and soothing vibe.

Indoor Greenery

Adding indoor greenery and flowers to your home adds a splash of color, especially during the winter months when you are cooped up inside. I love minimalistic interiors, but I think it is greenery and flowers it is a great way to elevate any space. Best of all, it's easy on your wallet.


Having some mood lighting at home is very important. Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, and adding different light sources can change the way your space feels. When it’s cozy and nice, you will feel more relaxed and peaceful here – which leads to better health for you!

Different lighting creates a different ambiance and can make your interior feel cozier. Adding light to certain areas of the house can even help you relax, making it a great addition to meditation. Remember, that when you add lighting to your home, you bring your space to life.

Here is the list of lamps, that I love. You can purchase them all on Amazon by clicking the buttons.

Books & Magazines

Books and magazines not just give you something interesting to read and explore, but also work as great interior decor They add a personal touch to any space. Books are available in so many different styles, sizes, and colors - you can add some variety by picking up a few new reads whenever you're out shopping.

And, that there is nothing more relaxing than hunkering down into your favorite chair with a cup of tea and a good book or inspiring magazine?

Artworks & Posters

You can use wall art to make your home feel more comfortable, cozy, and personal. Incorporating art into your interior is not just a matter of fashion or decoration. Art helps create the mood and atmosphere of a space and makes your home more meaningful and beautiful.

Are here are some more book recommendations about minimalism:
Thanks for reading my blog post about how to make your home cozier. I hope that you found it helpful!

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