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3 Dreamy Swedish Interiors | Small Apartments Inspiration

It is not a secret that Scandinavians are very talented at interior design. The first that was catching my eye when I started living in Scandinavia - was how beautiful and inspiring apartments everyone has. Scandinavians like no one else know how to achieve aesthetics in the interior.

Scandinavians know how to create not only beautiful but also well-organized and functional spaces. Not everyone in Scandinavia has an opportunity to live in large apartments, (and not everyone wants to). But this is not a problem, because Scandinavians can easily elevate any small space, by using the right furniture, decor, colors, and decoration tricks.
If you want to elevate your home and get inspiration from Scandinavian apartments - then take a look at these 3 small, but dreamy flats, located in Sweden:

SMALL CHARMING apartment with beige bedroom

36 sqm | Sweden, Gothenburg
When I first saw the plot of the space - I was shocked! How is it possible to make such a small space so functional and beautiful? This apartment's interior is full of neutral color tones and natural materials such as different variations of wood or natural textiles. I absolutely love this magical linen sofa in light grey color with fluffy linen pillows on top. It gives the space a soft, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere.
The reading lamp which is fixed on the wall is a very Scandinavian feature in interior design. I see it very often in Scandi-interiors. It is functional and can work as a contrast accent point in any interior. The black color is beautifully complementing the black coffee table.

The white walls are a great choice for this apartment because they give it a clean look and make everything brighter. The last thing that catches my attention is the greenery which makes the apartment even more charming and fresh.
Images by Alvhem
This apartment kitchen is minimal and aesthetic. It has all-white surfaces, which are great for the overall look but make space breathe. The dining table is also all-white and these white bases look great with wooden chairs. It is also a great idea to use a round table in a small space multi-functionally - for cooking, eating, or for work tasks.

The upper storage compartment is a nice touch because it can store things like your food processor and other kitchen tools that you might not use on a daily basis.

I like the idea of still having the high refrigerator, even if the space is small. I personally like big refrigerators. I love that the kitchen is so close to the window so you can enjoy natural light while preparing food and drinks!
And of course, there's no better way to bring in natural light than through those arched windows! So charming and dreamy...
This apartment is only 36 square meters, but it has a separate bedroom, which is still very welcoming. It's small enough to be cozy but big enough to have the basics you need.
The walls are beige, which gives the space a more elegant look. The wardrobe is also colored beige inside - which makes the space look and feel bigger. I love the choice of the bed linen color - olive looks great in combination with this beige wall tone. I really love the concrete ball on the stone window sill.
Images by Alvhem

small inspiring apartment with sovalkov & peach color palette

38 sqm | Sweden, Gothenburg
This is another example of a smart small apartment. I am in love with the bedroom curtains! In Sweden, this interior hack is called Sovalkov. If you are interested in making it - just google and you will find a lot of inspiration.

I love the color palate - grey walls, white curtains, black Sovalkov wall separator, and very fresh peach color pillows and accents. This is a very modern and aesthetic style, which will be great for a young person who wants comfort and practicality at home.
I find this home office very aesthetic, even though it is so small - still the perfect place to get things done! The first thing that really catches my eye is the grey desk surface, which suits the light grey walls and makes the monochrome color scheme feel cohesive.
The details on the table are so authentic — a round mirror, a big elegant white lamp, craft brown paper, a small wooden storage drawer, a ceramic bowl, and a minimalistic notebook all work together to create an inspiring working atmosphere.
Images by Alvhem

small soft minimalism apartment

36,9 sqm | Sweden, Gothenburg
This is the smallest apartment in this blog post, but it's still a great example of an everyday Scandinavian interior design. It has smart furnishings and decor that make the most of the space.

The fluffy white rug works well to combine furniture and make it look cohesive. I like the linen cover on the sofa and the linen pillows. The glass table is an excellent idea for small interiors — it saves space and doesn't make it look smaller.
The wooden benches are my favorite furniture in this apartment. It gives authenticity to any space and gives Japanese vibes. It's perfect for inspiring books, plants, vases, and ceramics!
If you want to make a small apartment feel bigger, it's important to make use of all the space. In this case, the space combines the living room and bedroom but doesn't really interact with each other. The accent is on the living room part with all decor and accents there. And the bed is small with calm bed linen colors, so it doesn't take focus on it, and works as a compliment to the whole space.
Images by Alvhem
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. You can find more home tours and interior design inspiration in my interior & home category.

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