Home tour | Soft minimalism apartment in Stockholm by Pella Hedeby
Together with the Swedish brand Raed The Label we have visited the home of interior designer and stylist Pella Hedeby. Her works and lifestyle are all filled with Scandinavian design, minimalism and simplicity.
She lives in an incredibly beautiful wooden construction house outside of Stockholm, filled with air and aesthetics. Pella shared some of her daily life routines. And secrets of how to keep home look harmonious and cosy without a lot of effort.
These tips, each of us can apply in our lives. Pella says that her home is an unpretentious place that reflects herself and allows her to "just be".

What Pella loves most about her home is the light from the large windows and the smart apartment layout.
Pella has favourite rituals. One of these is the morning yoga class in the bedroom after the tea ceremony from her favourite teapot, Sori Yanagi. These are the little things in life that she appreciates.

She also loves slow mornings in bed on weekends and hugs and plays with dogs.
Pella's favourite room is her bedroom. She likes the soft light in it, which creates a relaxing atmosphere.
Her work is always filled with air and simplicity. You know how much I love minimalism and even more so in the interior.  The most important thing that Pella advises is to keep things simple.
Pella suggests to think about what we already have. Indeed, most often, instead of buying some kind of decor, we need to remove things from the house in order to find harmony and aesthetics.

After you get rid of the unnecessary, you can add items to the house, but slowly and thoughtfully. Choose authentic materials and timeless items that reflect your personality.
Pella advises analyzing what you already have more often.

And before buying a new one, ask yourself: “Do I really need this?” In most cases, the answer is no. And when you really need to buy something new. Choose wisely and keep high-quality as your number one priority.
When creating an interior design, Pella advises analyzing what you like and making a plan. Play with mood boards to get the full picture and ask yourself: how can I create a feeling of peace at home?
"To set the tone, I choose products, natural materials, and a monochrome colour scheme with soft, tone-on-tone shades." - Pella says
Surrounding yourself with a few select details and avoiding things that require too much attention. And constantly reminding ourselves that "Less is all we need."
For Swedes, sustability in life is very important.

For Pella, this is also important at home. She advises thinking about all our decisions and choices in life more often. Both from an ecological point of view and from a human point of view.
"We need to slow down in many aspects. And when we do this, it is easier for us to make the right decisions." - Pella says
Hope you enjoyed this home tour!

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Photography: Arina Voy

Video: Anastasia Zhuravliova

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