Stockholm summer guide | Modern places, shops, cafes
In my opinion, every traveller needs to prepare in advance before visiting such Scandinavian cities as Copenhagen or Stockholm. It is not New York or Dubai, that can amaze you with their scale. In Scandinavia, you need to learn to catch the beauty in small things, in details of everyday life, as the locals do.
If you go to Stockholm in the summer, then get ready to see a lot of greenery mixed with beautiful rocks right in the city, wide water channels with clear water, positive, smiling and super stylish Swedes and a large number of modern cafes with visitors on the street.

The photos were taken at the beginning of June.
The day can be started on the street where there are many modern cafes, such as Waynes, St: Paul, Fabrique, Joe & The Juice, Brod & Salt and others.

Right after breakfast, it is worth to go for shopping on Gotgatan street.
Be sure to visit these shops:

Design & home
Design House, Granit, Designtorget, Hemtex, Myrorna, Press Stop, Flying Tiger

Lush, The Body Shop

A place, Gina Tricot, Sandquist, Dedicated
One of the favourite areas of the locals. There are many beautiful viewing platforms for the city, such as Skinnarviksberget and Mariaberget. You can reach them by 15 minutes walking from Gotgatan.
Gamla Stan
After viewing the panorama of Stockholm on Sodermalm island you can continue the route to the old town Gamla Stan.
Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen are two beautiful islands in the middle of Stockholm, joined together by a bridge. The easiest way to get here is just by taking a walk along Skeppsholmsbron or taking the public transport ferry from Slussen or Nybrokajen. 

This island is great for a seaside walk with a view of Ostermalm, Djurgarden, Sodermalm, and Gamla Stan. 

Moderna Museet
But the island is best known for the Moderna Musset with modern art sculptures which are exhibited right on the street. This is a must-visit recommendation, while you are in Stockholm. The entrance is free.
Ark Des
ArkDes is a museum and a centre for dialogue and debate about the future of architecture and the city. It is located in the same building as Moderna Museet. The entrance is also free.
Moderna Museet Cafe
The museum offers three places to eat and relax. a small cafe right in the museum, a cafe on the street next to the museum and a panoramic restaurant overlooking Stockholm. it all depends on your preferences. if the weather is bad - I would advise a panoramic restaurant, and if it's good - then sit in a cafe on the street.
Then I suggest taking a ferry from Skeppsohlemn to Djurgarden.

The popular commuter ferry Djurgardsfarjan takes both Stockholm locals and visitors between the central quay at Slussen and Djurgarden island, via Skeppsholmen island. The beautiful journey only takes around 10 minutes. The ferry is a part of Stockholm's public transport. So all types of SL tickets are valid on board.

Rantmastartrappan, Slussen
11130 Stockholm
Like no other place in Stockholm it collects many of the city’s most famous museums and cultural attractions: the Vasa Museum, Grona Lund, the Abba museum, Skansen, and Liljevalchs Museum.

Liljevalchs Museum
Liljevalchs Konsthall is located at Djurgardsvagen. It is the art gallery that was inaugurated in 1916 with the aim of making art more accessible to everyone. The main focus has always been modern and contemporary art, but also crafts and design. I am just in love with the new concrete part of the building!
Restaurant Blå Porten
This is a charming hidden restaurant in the Liljevalchs yard. I recommend trying traditional Swedish food here (meatballs or a shrimp salad).
Places from the guide:
  • Gotgatan
  • Sodermalm
  • Gamla Stan
  • Moderna Museet Cafe
  • Moderna Museet
  • Ark Des
  • Djurgarden
  • Liljevalchs Museum
  • Restaurant Bla Porten

Hope this guide was interesting for you and you found useful information or tips for your Stockholm visit. I hope these places will make you fall in love with Stockholm (especially if you visit them in spring or summer).

See you next time,
Images by Arina Voy.
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