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Home Tour | Vintage Inspired Apartment in Stockholm

Caroline Borg is a mother of two, Sam, 7, and Lykke, 3. She lives in Enskede, Stockholm, and works as a content creator, photographer, and stylist.
- What your home means to you?

When the children were smaller, the home meant equal parts stress and relaxation, as there was always minor chaos here at home.

But now that they are a little bigger, it feels like we adults have had to recapture the home a little closer, which contributes to a greater peace here at home. I love being home now.
- What do you love most about your home?

The space in the living room and kitchen has a ceiling height of 4.5 meters and we have many windows in all directions.

But most of all, it's what we fill the home with, and every spring evening when all the neighbors gather on the stairs and grill while the children play in the common garden.
-How does a perfect Sunday morning look like?

In our family, we like quiet weekend mornings, with a long breakfast that lasts until lunchtime. I usually bake scones and then we cut up fresh fruit and drink endless cups of tea.
- What are your best interior design tips?

Lots of textiles, large rugs, many pillows in bed, and mixing new with old.
- What do you think is important when shopping for interior design?

I mostly buy second-hand for home. I find it difficult to find furniture and details in good quality in an okay price range and when the wallet is not bottomless, second-hand is the absolute best option. The search for the right object also gives a different affection value to the things in your home.
- How do you create a peaceful feeling at home?

It is often as simple as removing, dimming the lighting, and lighting a couple of candles.
- Do you have any bedtime routines?

The best thing is to go to bed a little earlier, I have just taken a long bath and put on soft silk pajamas, fluff up with extra pillows behind my back and dive into my thick hotel blanket and read a book or watch a series. Preferably with a cup of tea next to the bed.
- Do you have any bathroom/skincare routines?

A new routine that I try to get at least once a week is a long, boiling bath. I always watch a series at the same time and if I want to feel extra soft in my body afterward, I drink a glass of wine. It's the best moment of the week!
- What does it mean for you to live sustainably?

This is a very difficult question because few probably actually live up to living as sustainably as they want. All of life consists of compromises, and I would say that living sustainably is not letting laziness, desire, and price control all one's choices without always making conscious choices where sustainability must weigh as heavily as all other parameters.
- What are your best tips for shopping sustainably?

Always check Blocket, Facebook Marketplace, or the auction sites before you buy something new.

Let the purchases take time, you may not find your dream sofa on the first try but need to set up searches and keep track of what comes up, but what you put in the time you get back both in your wallet, conscience, and affection value. Groups like Labels we love on Facebook are also great places to buy second-hand clothes.
- What are your best vintage tips?

I buy many interior details at Bergenström's Supplies here in Gamla Enskede, Fanny is best at finding vintage treasures.
Hope you enjoyed this home tour!
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Images by Arina Voy.
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