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9 Easy Ways to Achieve Warm Minimalism at Home

Getting rid of junk and clutter can transform the way you feel about your home. While Marie Kondo’s system of getting rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy is hugely popular, it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

If you’re looking for a new clean look but haven’t embraced minimalism because it just felt too sterile, cold, and lifeless, then it might be time for a change. By incorporating these best practices into your routine, you can create a space that looks great and feels comfortable.
That's where the concept of warm minimalism comes in.
Warm Minimalism is something between minimalism and Japandi and wabi-sabi. This design concept is based on the same idea as minimalism, but with an emphasis on creating interiors that embody warmth, coziness, and character. So many interiors are not empty and are filled with life.

Warm minimalism refers to an interior home design with a minimalistic and clean aesthetic incorporating earthy colors and natural textures to add interest and warmth. It’s a modern style because of its lack of clutter, simple silhouettes, and clean lines but adds natural textures to bring depth to the minimalist movement which might feel too sterile for some tastes.
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Here are some basic principles of warm minimalism in the interior:
Less is more
True to the minimalism philosophy, less is more. This is a style that focuses on quality over quantity. Carefully selected books or objects are curated on a shelf, keeping the overall look minimal while still showing off your personality and style. One statement work of art might provide a focal point instead of a gallery wall.

The most important principle of warm minimalism is quality, not quantity. That means you might have fewer items in your home than you're used to having—but those items should be of the highest quality. You're aiming for a minimalist interior, so it's important to choose only the best items for your space.
Shortly said, just be yourself and make the content that feels right for you! Don’t worry about what others might think.
Warm earthy colors
Warm minimalism is built on a foundation of neutral colors but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go all white. These warm neutral tones bridge a connection between nature and our modern lives and provide the perfect backdrop for the warm minimalism aesthetic.

Warm minimalism is all about using warm tones, and earthy colors to offset the colder tones in your space. This means that instead of going with a stark white or black, try going with beige or brown. These colors will give your space more warmth and make it feel more inviting.
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When it comes to creating a warm and inviting minimalist space, the key is balance. This can be achieved by selecting furniture that has simple lines, solid colors, and natural materials.

The furnishings should be versatile and able to fit with your current decor in case you decide to move or change up your interior design style later on. A wise approach is picking things that are easy to clean, move and replace if necessary.
Warm minimalism is all about adding texture to your home. The key is to blend natural elements into your interior design, which creates a cozy and inviting space. For example, you can add some plants to make your space feel more alive. You could even add a few pieces of wood furniture if you want to add some warmth and coziness to your space.

Accessorize with earthy ceramics, leafy plants, and organic soft furnishings. Think linen sheets, macrame wall hangings, and chunky knits. These bring warmth to your home and make for an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Add subtle patterns to balance out the all-white monochrome style. You can complete the patterns with pillows, bedspreads, chairs, or rugs!
When you're trying to create a minimal space, it's easy to feel like everything has to be stark white or black. But that's not true! There are lots of ways you can add personality and history to your space without adding clutter.

One way is through the use of elements with history and personality. Elements with history and personality are the best items to add to any interior. It is like in Wabi Sabi style, it is important to choose unique items, that have a history, a past that enhances its presence. It will add life to a minimalist interior.
Round shapes
Round shapes are a great way to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. They are associated with warmth, so don't be afraid to use them in your design.

For example, round tables and chairs, and round lamps and pendant lights can help you create an intimate space. You can also use round pillows and cushions to add texture and comfort to your living room or bedroom.
Soft materials
Soft sofas, soft pillows, warm plaids and blankets, cozy woolen rugs, and linen bedding will make the interior more comfortable, but at the same time keep its minimalistic aspect.

These types of materials are great because they add texture without adding too much color or pattern—they'll help keep your space from feeling too cold or stark. They also provide a sense of warmth and comfort without being overwhelming like some fabrics can be.

The key to creating a cozy minimalist space is using materials that complement one another without overpowering each other: for example, choose one main fabric for your curtains (like linen) and then add a smaller amount of another fabric in a complementary color (like a neutral) to create an accent pillow or throw blanket.
One of the key principles of warm minimalism is eclecticism. Warm minimalism is not a style, but rather an approach to design. It can be applied to any kind of interior and any style, from rustic to modern.

The main goal is to create harmony between all elements in an interior. For example, if you want to add a bit of vintage charm to your modern apartment, you can add some vintage furniture or accessories.
You probably can’t pull off any version of minimalism without a healthy dose of decluttering. But that doesn’t mean getting rid of everything or having a house that is devoid of personality. The key is having things you love instead of just filling a room. Statement furniture or art grounds a room where less is more.
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You also can watch my YouTube video about warm minimalism.

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