Arina Voy is a designer, photographer,

and blogger, living in Stockholm

Hi, my name is Arina. I am a photographer, designer, and blogger, helping creatives and brands express themselves online. I am living in the beautiful city of Stockholm with my girlfriend and two fluffy devon-rex cats.
For the past years, I have been passionately pursuing my career in the creative field, focusing on visual communication from photography to web design, branding, and social media. Now, I am creating inspiring content for brands worldwide, as well as sharing my personal insights on my blog with creative people.
About Me
Professional Background
Soft Visuals blog ia a space with free recources by Arina Voy, focusing on social media tips, hobbies monetization, content creation, photography, and visual inspiration for creatives. In my blog I also share my personal content creator experience, interior and lifestyle tips with like-minded individuals.
If you are interested in a promotion on my blog, photography content, web design, brand identity, or social media design from me - just get in touch by email. I will be happy to discuss all the collaboration details.
About The Blog
Work With Me
My Blog's Mission
The mission of my blog is to empower content creators and influencers to express themselves online, develop a personal brand, and create a powerful online presence.

I believe that everyone has a unique voice and perspective to share with the world, and my blog aims to provide the tools, resources, and inspiration for individuals to do so.
In addition to helping content creators succeed online, my blog also promotes a modern lifestyle theme. I believe that surrounding oneself with aesthetics and creating an inspiring home can have a positive impact on overall well-being. I share tips on interior design, home organization, and living a mindful lifestyle to help readers create a space that reflects their unique style and enhances their daily life.
My blog started as a space where I shared lifestyle content, which still reflects my life moments. After 7+ years of building a blog, I had more than 50 collaborations with brands and hotels and transformed my blog into a full-time job.
I feel excited to share helpful information to inspire people to monetize their hobbies and knowledge. I want as many people as possible to reveal their creative potential and earn money doing what they are passionate about.

In my blog, I share influencer and content creation tips and show the limitless possibilities of social media. Using my professional knowledge, I teach people how to develop a personal brand that reflects their unique style and personality.

If you want to become a content creator and blogger - you can read my blog posts in the influencer tips category.
My knowledge combines my own influencer journey learnings and professional industry background, by working as a designer, photographer, and social media manager with brands.
My Influencer Journey
Creative Education by me
My Expertise
I am one of those people, who can stay at home for weeks and not get tired of it. That's why home is a very important part of my life. Over time, I have lived in 3 countries and moved more than 10 times to different apartments.

That helped me to develop the skills of creating the most comfortable and inspiring living space for myself.
Interior & Home
I believe that to create the most inspiring and joyful life - you first need to create a perfect home for yourself. For me, to get the most out of the home - it should be calm, clean, minimalistic, modern, and bright and should reflect my values, interests, and personality.

I get the most inspiration from Scandinavian design, minimalism, wabi-sabi, and japandi. I love the naturalness and calmness in the color palette of these styles.

If you are looking for some interior inspiration - take a look at my blog posts in the interior & home category.
Minimalism / Modern Interiors / SLOW LIVING / Monochrome Colors / INTERIOR DESIGN / Light & Shadows / AIRY Spaces / Elegancy / Earth-Toned Colors / Ceramics / Authentic Creators / Mindfulness / Travel
What inspires me? yourself /develop your personal brand / create a powerful online presence / share your uniqueness / monetize your passions / build a self-value and self-confidence / share your unique voice with the world / surround yourself with aesthetics / create an inspiring home / see beauty in everyday details / be confident / love yourself / follow your dreams / be creative and passionate
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